Ultimate College Consultants help students get to higher education

With collectively over 50 years of higher education experience, our consultants are professionals in college admissions processes.

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College Admissions Consulting

A service designed to assist the high school student in determining the most appropriate college institutions that can meet their educational goals and provide guidance in the college application, interview and financial aid process. An experienced consultant will be assigned to the student and will provide personal contact, remote counseling, and advice.

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Essay Guidance

A service that provides the student with essay guidance from proven writing professionals. Depending upon specific essay requirements by the student’s targeted colleges, the major the student is seeking, or designated scholarship program, we will provide step by step assistance to the student on 1) selecting the essay topics that are the best suited for the student, 2) tailoring the essay to meet the requirements of the targeted college(s) and major, 3) “framing” the essay to positively reflect the student’s strengths and aspirations, and 4) editing the essay for maximum positive impact upon college and scholarship selection committees.

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College Life Skills

A service that provides the student and parents practical guidance and information designed to maximize a student’s success, emotional satisfaction, and well-being during the college years. Depending on the individual, the student will receive mentorship on forming and keeping a student schedule; daily planning; balancing academic work and recreation; selecting college activities and levels of participation; effective note taking; financial budgeting (including credit card advising); socializing (including college clubs and Greek societies); sports; homesickness and other areas of college life depending on the student’s needs.

Bronze Package

University and major-specific consulting with financial aid application assistance

Silver Package

Detailed college application and essay guidance

Gold Package

In depth application and financial aid guidance with college mentorship throughout the first year